What work-from-home means for paper-based & manual procurement processes

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Consider some data from Gartner’s recent research: 

  • In ten years’ time, the demand for remote work will increase by 30% as Generation Z fully enters the workforce.  
  • 64% of today’s professionals say they could work anywhere, while work-from-home policies are in place at 71% of surveyed organizations.

The Circular Economy: leading sustainability through procurement

Circular Procurement, Sustainable Procurement

With the many significant events happening around the world right now, it's easier to focus on short-term outcomes to keep the business ticking than to consider longer-term goals. Areas of your business like sustainability may suffer, when in fact, they are the most important ones to focus on right now to ensure future longevity for all.

Within five to twenty years, every single aspect of your business will change to focus on resource efficiency. You must therefore, as procurement and business leaders, do what you can now to ensure that you don't fall behind. One key strategy for achieving resource efficiency is through the introduction of circularity into your procurement processes. But what does circularity really mean, and how do you achieve it? 

We’ve invited Daniel Bede O’Connor, founder of Warp It, an online marketplace which aims to make intra and inter-organisational circularity easy, to help us unpack this complex topic. 

Novel supply chain risk mitigation in the age of novel coronavirus

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Unprecedented, uncharted, and uncertain. These words describe the global situation we are in right now with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The World Health Organization has officially classified it as a global pandemic, with the latest number of confirmed cases being nearly 200,000. 

How social procurement is much more than corporate social responsibility

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Are you leveraging social enterprises in your tenders? Because your competitors are. There's a growing expectation for contractors to include social enterprises when bidding and delivering commercial and major government projects, yet navigating social procurement remains an afterthought for many.  

Understanding how social procurement can work for your organisation is crucial to ensure survival in today's complex and changing construction environment. It takes canvassing the current market landscape and tools available.

Procurement & supply chain teams urged to learn from Australia’s recent underpayment scandals

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Top retail executives have blamed offshore software not configured for “Australia's relatively complex labour environment as a key factor in staff being underpaid.”  

This comes after the recent wave of backlash against high-profile retail and hospitality businesses for underpayment revelations.  

Is your procurement governance robust enough to mitigate risks?

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Procurement governance has never been a particularly exciting topic. Given increasing compliance requirements, procurement has given and been given a host of policies and guidelines to follow. But is it enough to mitigate procurement risks and ensure compliance?  

Compliance management in 2020: top trends for procurement

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Recent high-profile court cases have put compliance management back in the spotlight in the world of procurement. This, as well as the growing pressure to cut costs across the supply chain, has presented unique but not impossible challenges to overcome.  

So, what can procurement expect to come up on the agenda in 2020 when it comes to Australia's compliance landscape 

Lessons learned from procureTECH19: approaches, maturity, risks & more

Technology, Events

After attending PASA’s Brisbane-first ProcureTECH event in the week gone, we picked up a few things about the aches and pains procurement teams are still facing every day 

Not only did we run an interactive session where attendees worked on an imaginary case study identifying common procurement-related risks, but we learned a thing or two from our fellow speakers and formed interesting conversations throughout the day. 

Felix - The Year in Review

Felix News

Felix has had one for the record books this past financial year. With more product releases than ever before, new partnerships with some of Australia’s leading Tier-1 organisations, and a team that continues to grow exponentially, this year Felix has taken a major step to becoming one of Australia’s leading procurement technology providers.   

In this blog I will provide you with some highlights from the past year, along with a sneak peek into our future. 

Working with your vendors to reduce the risks of modern slavery

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Ever since its passing by the Australian Government in late 2018, the Modern Slavery Act has been a key area of focus at procurement conferences and trade shows across Australia. However, while it is often on the agenda, the nuances of this complex act remains a mystery to many.